Queensland politicians attempt to woo Taylor Swift to the state

Queensland politicians attempt to woo Taylor Swift to the state after her Eras Tour announcement skipped a Brisbane date

Queensland politicians have joined the push to get pop megastar Taylor Swift to perform in Brisbane. After she controversially announced her world tour would only be heading to Melbourne and Sydney. 

Deputy Premier Steven Miles made a post inspired by Swift’s lyrics to his social media accounts, lamenting the singer’s decision to skip the city

Taylor Swift

“Brisbane’s been left with Sweet Nothing, she Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve come to Queensland,” he wrote. 

Mr Miles added that a new arena at Roma Street and a redeveloped Gabba would attract major global superstars like Swift to the city in future. 

Andrew Wallace, a federal Queensland MP and self-described “Swiftie”, has launched a pitch for the singer to come to the Sunshine Coast. 

“This is a terrific thing for Queensland if we can get her here,” Mr Wallace told Sky News Australia. 

He said he had already been in talks with local politicians. To hold the concert at the “boutique” Sunshine Coast Stadium, which has a capacity of 10,000.

Queensland fans of the Anti-Hero singer were left devastated after her Wednesday tour announcement contained only five dates for Australia, with three in Sydney and two in Melbourne.  

change.org petition started on Wednesday has garnered 1,366 signatures in support of the singer coming to Brisbane. 

The push from politicians to get Swift to play in Brisbane has sparked a spirited debate in the community. With some Queenslanders expressing frustration at the focus on a pop concert amid a cost of living crisis. 

“Yes, those living in tents can buy Taylor Swift tickets, with the money they have left over from not being able to afford to pay rent,”. One person commented on Mr Miles’ post. 

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