Prince William ‘still simmering with resentment’ over Prince Harry quitting royal duites and penning Spare, author claims

Prince William is “still simmering with resentment over Megxit”. And is bitter about Prince Harry’s “unflattering portrait of him” in his tell-all memoir Spare, royal author Christopher Anderson claims.

Prince William is still fuming over Prince Harry’s portrayal of him in his explosive memoir Spare and remains bitter about Megxit, royal author Christopher Anderson claims.

In his best-selling book, the Duke of Sussex took aim at his older brother claiming the Prince of Wales physically attacked him during a heated altercation at his London home in 2019.

Harry claimed a confrontation with William escalated. When the heir to the throne called his wife Meghan Markle “difficult,” “rude” and “abrasive.”

He alleged William then grabbed him by the collar, ripped his necklace and knocked him to the floor. 

William and Harry’s relationship has been infamously strained. Since the Sussexes announced they were stepping down as working royals and were moving abroad in 2020.

“William is still simmering with resentment over ‘Megxit,’. Not to mention Harry’s unflattering portrait of him in ‘Spare,’” Mr Anderson told Fox News.

However, the author of The King claims William is doing a tremendous job of compartmentalising his feelings about his estranged relationship with his brother.

“William is doing a marvellous job of compartmentalisation,” Mr Anderson said.

“He seems to have put Harry and Meghan in a box and shoved that box into a remote corner of his mind.”

The royal expert went on to claim that Harry remains resentful about the favourable treatment William received growing up.

“Harry is still obviously upset that William was given a free ride because he is the heir,” he said.

“That William got away scot-free with doing many of the same things Harry was excoriated for.”

The comments come just days after Spotify scrapped the Sussexes US$20 million deal. And axed Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes after only one season.

Top Spotify executive Bill Simmons was quick to weigh in on the royal couple being dropped, labelling the pair “f**king grifters” after they only produced 12 podcast episodes in three years.

“The f**king grifters. That’s the podcast we should have launched with them,”. The streaming giant’s Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization said in the latest episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast.

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